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  • Go Behind the Scenes

    Chris Anderson gave an interview to BJU Today about the background, research, and writing process for his recent biography Panosian. You can read the full article here.

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  • Church Works Media Merger

    Church Works Media is thrilled to announce that we have added Paul Keew to our ministry team as our first full-time employee and merged with his music publishing company “O God, My Joy” and “Chosen as His Children”) to the CWM catalogue as well as contributing to future projects. This is a huge move forward, […]

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  • The Gospel Meditations Backstory

    By God’s grace, we’ve printed 135,000 copies of the various Gospel Meditations devotionals. That’s a staggering number. How did it happen? What’s the backstory of the books? Well, it all began with Mother’s Day. It all began with Mother’s Day Churches often struggle to find “just the right gift” to give out to mothers each […]

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  • Reformation Hymn Backstory

    “How did you come to work with Bob Kauflin?” I’ve heard that question a lot in the last 6-7 months. The short answer is, I asked. The longer answer covers about a decade. Let me share it with you. I’ve appreciated Bob Kauflin before I knew who he was. Before he was with Sovereign Grace Music, […]

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