Songs & Music


Informal Reproductions

Anything we provide for free download may be used, reproduced or shared, for free* as long as it is properly credited (explained below). You already have our permission! For example: A church can print our hymn sheets to reproduce in their Sunday bulletin. They can also print off music for their stage musicians and/or project our lyrics in their services—all for free.

All we ask is that song melodies and lyrics not be altered in any way, and that proper credit be given for each song. For example: Projected lyrics need to be credited (typically on the first or last slide) with the song title, lyricist, composer, and proper copyright statement (this information can be found on each of our song pages). Here’s an example of one of our songs:

“His Robes for Mine”
Words by Chris Anderson; Music by Greg Habegger
© 2008 Church Works Media. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

About online posting: We’re getting more questions about using our songs online as churches have had to deal with the realities of quarantining. If you are creating videos or other online material for use in online church services or livestreams, the same principles above apply: Use it with our blessing as long as you (1) only share our free stuff, (2) don’t alter the melodies or lyrics, (3) give proper credits, and (4) don’t make any money from what you post.

*Please note: Free reproduction and distribution is not allowed for any material (whether digital or physical) that is sold by Church Works Media. If we don’t give it away, neither can you.

Formal Publications

If you are using any of our lyrics and/or music in a formal or for-profit publication (such as an audio recording, hymnbook, or any project which will be sold), you must contact us to request permission and/or appropriate licenses for your project.

For example: If you want to record one of our songs on a music album, you need to contact us to request what’s called a mechanical license. The license will explain royalty shares and agreement terms for the use of the song. If you want to print one of our songs in a song book to sell online or in book stores, you need to contact us to request a print license. If, however, you are printing a song book with one or more of our songs as a supplement to be used only for your congregation, and you are not making any profit from the use of our songs, then we request only that you contact us for permission—no license would likely be needed.


Official permission to use songs under copyright or administration by Church Works Media (including the reproduction of lyrics and/or musical scores for corporate use) is granted under the following conditions: (a) the song material was available as a free download, (b) no song melody or lyric is altered in any way, (c) the songs are distributed or reproduced free of charge, (d) recognition is given to the lyricist and composer, and (e) the proper copyright statement is clearly visible when the song and/or lyrics is printed, posted, or projected.

The statement above does not apply to any material (whether digital or physical) which is sold by Church Works Media.

There is no need to contact Church Works Media in cases of free use, even if the song will be webcast or posted online, as long as no monetary compensation is received from any posted video.

If the songs are to be used in a formal publication (such as an audio recording, hymnbook, or any project which will be sold), please contact us to request permission.


Books & Bible Study Material


Please credit our books and authors when quoting from any of our materials (including song lyrics or poetry).

Contact us for permission to reprint any of our material (including song lyrics or poetry) in any formal or for-profit publications (such as books or magazines).