International Orders

In order to give our international customers the best rates that we can, we handle your order personally. This allows us to quote you better rates than we could automate via online checkout.

Please contact us using the form below and include the following information to inquire about our rates or place an international order:

  1. Desired products and quantities.
  2. Your shipping address (we need this in order to accurately calculate your shipping rates).
  3. Your phone number (we will need this to complete the order).

We’ll reply with shipping cost. If you approve the order, we will then email an invoice which can be paid online.

Permissions & Commissions

Please read our Permissions Guide (most free uses are covered). If you need to contact us for permission to use a work, or if you would like to commission a song or hymn for your church or special occasion, use the contact form below. We will reach out to you by email for details and to send a pricing guide.

Contact Form

We’re having trouble with our Contact form. Until we get that fixed, please email us at, or send us a text at (404) 491-9965.

Church Works Media Inc. | 1525 Natchez Way, Grayson, GA 30017 | (404) 491-9965*
Shipping | 200 Pennwood Lane, Greenville, SC 29609

*We are a small team with no receptionist to answer phone calls.
We prefer to handle requests by text (using the phone number above) or email (using the form above) when possible.
All calls automatically go to voicemail and will be answered as soon as can get to them.