President Biden and the Armenian Genocide

Last Saturday, on April 24, President Biden officially recognized the massacre of Armenians during WWI (1915–1917) by the Ottoman Empire as a genocide—a term that American presidents have avoided in the past so as not to strain diplomatic relations with Turkey. It is estimated that up to 1.5 million Armenians were killed during that period of time, and Armenians commemorate April 24 as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. This year marked the 106th anniversary of that day in 1915 when the atrocities began.

Dr. Edward Panosian is a proud Armenian, and his family’s story bears the weight of those dark years. In Chris Anderson’s riveting biography Panosian: A Story of God’s Gracious Providence, the history of Turkey and of the Armenians is woven together with the incredible true stories of Panosian’s parents and grandparents. Anyone wanting to know more about the Armenian Genocide would benefit tremendously from this book (also available as an audiobook).