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Dr. Ed Panosian has dedicated his life to the study and teaching of world history. Yet, his own astounding story is relatively unknown. Panosian’s grandparents, aunts, and uncles were among the 1.5 million people killed by Islamic Turks during the Armenian genocide (1915-1918). His own parents narrowly—and providentially—escaped martyrdom, immigrating to the United States, living out the American Dream, and raising a son who became an iconic professor to nearly 30,000 students. This biography is a narrative of suffering and survival, of cruelty and courage, of heartache and hope, of faith and faithfulness. Above all, it is a record of God’s gracious providence.

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“I will never forget the passion of Dr. Panosian’s teaching of history and the clarity with which he taught about two different world views that have defined our past. He instilled into me a love for history and how it can inform us as we address the challenges of this generation. Chris Anderson has written a compelling story that is much more than the biography of a humble but significant person in the field of education. His book tells the story of an oppressed people and the new opportunities in America that not only changed the life of Dr. Panosian but also influenced thousands because of his teaching. After you read this book, you will be more informed about the past and more inspired for the future.”

Asa Hutchinson, Governor of Arkansas

“What a story! What a man! What a life! I can see Dr. Panosian in my mind riding his bicycle, smiling with grace toward all his students, and standing before his class as if he were an actor on stage. I’ll never forget his lectures in my two semesters of Church History. Ed Panosian represents the best of Bob Jones University in every way. A compelling life message of a true giant!”

Dr. Steve Pettit, president of Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC

“Among all the gifts given by the Holy Spirit to believers, there is none more useful and variegated than the gift of teaching. Dr. Panosian is a brilliant teacher with an extraordinary ability to make historical figures come alive. Now, we have the remarkable story of his life and the amazing Providence that prepared him for such a unique ministry, skillfully brought to life in writing by another gifted teacher, Pastor Chris Anderson.”

Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace to You

“Chris Anderson writes as a friend and former student, granting readers an interesting glimpse into this honorable man’s life, times, family, and work. Anderson honors Panosian, but he does not glorify him. That distinction is reserved for the Master whom Panosian and Anderson both serve. If God is glorified by the faithful service of His saints, then He is the hero of Panosian’s story.”

Kevin Bauder, professor at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Minneapolis


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