Introducing GOSPEL MEDITATIONS ON CREATION with Astronaut Jeff Williams

Church Works Media is thrilled to announce the publishing of our latest devotional, Gospel Meditations on Creation. Joe Tyrpak and I are joined this time by co-author Jeff Williams. Jeff is a devout Christian who also happens to be a NASA astronaut. He has spent 534 days aboard the International Space Station—an American record when he accomplished it. Jeff lives at the edge of discovery. And yet, to the surprise of many, Jeff believes that the Bible is inerrant, and he takes the creation record literally. His contribution to this project makes it a must-read. My favorite line of the book is Jeff’s commentary on Job 26:7’s assertion that God “hangs the world on nothing.” Jeff’s response? “Having circled the earth well over eight thousand times, I can tell you that there are no strings attached!”

Having circled the earth well over 8,000 times, I can tell you that there are no strings attached!

Jeff Williams, NASA astronaut

Why are we writing on this topic at this time? There are many reasons:

  • Creation is a doctrine that is ubiquitous in the Scriptures. Some may assert that a denial of God’s miraculous creation affects only the first few chapters of Genesis, but that’s inaccurate. The entire Bible teaches creation. Deny it and you have nothing left!
  • Creation is the bedrock that answers some of the toughest questions of our contemporary world. How should we think about gender, or male leadership, or divorce, or abortion, or capital punishment? The answers all trace back to creation.
  • Creation is inseparably connected to the gospel. Jesus taught about a real and historical Adam. Paul contrasts the work of Adam with the work of Christ, the Second Adam. Why would Scripture compare the historical Jesus to a merely mythical Adam? And salvation is repeatedly referred to as a “new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17), no less miraculous than the first creation.
  • The climax of human history is Jesus’ creation of “a new heaven and a new earth” (Revelation 21:1). Is what transpires in Revelation 21-22 miraculous and instantaneous, or should we expect a gap of millions and millions of years between Revelation 20 and 21? (I speak as a fool.)
  • Coming through the COVID-19 crisis, people could use some good news, as well as some perspective on why the current world includes so much hardship. This resource provides both.

Those are important matters, but none of them are primary. First and foremost, creation should move us to worship—especially when we consider that the mighty Creator stooped to become our merciful Savior. The topic of creation is a call to worship, not a call to arms. Our goal is that this devotional will move Christians to adoration, not debate. We write, then, from a posture of wonder, not a desire for controversy. 

First and foremost, creation should move us to worship

With all this in mind, this may be the most important book we’ve published. I am confident it will be a blessing to you. As always, quantity discounts are available, and we ARE able to have these books to you in time for Mother’s Day (shipping details here). Churches, this is an ideal gift for your congregations during this challenging time!

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May the Lord use this book to exalt our Creator, encourage Christians, and perhaps even nudge atheists to reconsider their conclusions. Soli Deo Gloria! Grace!

Photo taken by Jeff Williams and used courtesy of NASA.