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Wand’ring Pilgrim [free song]


Text by David Brainerd, adapted by Joe Tyrpak; Chorus Text and Tune by Paul Keew and Jon Horton

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From “The Life of David Brainerd: A Documentary”

(Text by David Brainerd, adapted by Joe Tyrpak; Chorus Text and Tune by Paul Keew and Jon Horton)


Farewell, vain world; my soul bids you adieu;
My Savior’s taught me to abandon you.
Your charms may satisfy a darkened mind,
But not a soul wholly for God designed.

Stop your enticing; cease my soul to call:
’Tis fixed, through grace; my God shall be my all.
While He thus lets me heavenly glories view,
Your beauties fade; my heart’s no room for you.

Lord, I’m a wandering pilgrim,
Till my wandering days are done;
Yes, I’m a wandering pilgrim here alone,
This world is not my home.

Grant me to see, O Comfort from above,
My Savior, Jesus, my soul’s only love!
May His sweet face ne’er from my sight depart,
His holiness wholly possess my heart.

Lord, I’m a wandering pilgrim here alone.
I pine while absent from my dearest One.
No lasting comfort can this earth afford;
My very soul belongs with you, my Lord.


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(by Paul Keew)


This song was commissioned by Joe Tyrpak as a part of his documentary project on the life of David Brainerd, whose journal was posthumously published by Jonathan Edwards to the overwhelming benefit of worldwide missions. The words are adapted by Joe from one of Brainerd’s journal entries. They are a powerful testimony to his commitment to Christ.

In setting the words to music, I wanted to recall the flavor of American or English folk tunes such as KINGSFOLD. The minor key is more fitting to the text.

I was also very pleased to collaborate with my good friend Jon Horton, one of the most talented musicians I know. Jon would come over, sit on my couch with his guitar, and make the music come to life in real time as we honed the tune with each session. Jon was also instrumental (no pun intended…read on) in the recording process—he played and recorded every instrument you hear except for violin and viola! You can listen/buy/download the song here or on iTunes/Apple Music.

To cap off the project, Joe introduced me to a 17 year old kid named Mitch Silvius who drove from OH to VA to make a music video. Having never made a music video before, I was a bit skeptical. But Mitch more than proved his skill, and the results are simply astounding (IMHO). You can watch it here.

I am so pleased to have collaborated with such an amazing team on this project! May God be glorified…and may this song help us loosen our grip down here and tighten our grip on Christ!