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O How Vast the Blessings (Psalm 1) [free song]


Text by Joe Tyrpak; Tune by James Mountain

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(Text by Joe Tyrpak; Tune by James Mountain)


O how vast the blessings to the man who flees
Company with those who love iniquity!
But in God’s instruction he takes deep delight,
Fixing his attention on it day and night.

Lovers of the Lord’s Law are supremely blessed:
Rooted firm and fruitful, strong through every test.

As a tree well-watered cannot be removed,
So the righteous prosper, ever yielding fruit.
But ungodly sinners like the chaff will be:
Windblown throughout life, then lost eternally.

At God’s throne of judgment, sinners will not stand.
They at God’s pronouncement will be justly damned.
Not so for the righteous! God knows us by name.
We before His throne will saving grace proclaim!

Christ alone is righteous and supremely blessed.
We whom God deems righteous in His robes are dressed.
Bearing godly fruit through Christ, the living Vine;
Stayed forever sure on Christ, the Rock Divine.


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