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Not to Us (Psalm 115) [free song]


Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by George J. Elvey

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(Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by George J. Elvey)

Written to celebrate the new home of Tri-County Bible Church, November 14, 2010.


Psalm 115:1 Not to us be glory, LORD; Not to us praise or reward. You alone be magnified; Only Your name glorified. For Your unrelenting love, For Your faithfulness above, Refrain: Not to us, but to our King Honor, praise, and glory bring! Psalm 115:2-3 Why should heathen mock the Lord? “Where is He?”—their scoffing word. In the heav’ns He reigns alone, Ruling from His lofty throne. What He pleases He performs; All to His design conforms. Psalm 115:4-8 Foolish men in vain have prayed To the idols they have made: Wooden eye and molten ear— Gods which neither see nor hear. All who to such stones have fled Shall be like them: dull and dead. Psalm 115:9-18 Come, you saints and saints to come; Trust in God, your Help and Home. All who fear Him, He recalls; He will bless us, great and small. Praise Him! Praise your Shield and Lord All through life, then evermore! Ephesians 1:6, 12, 14; John 3:30 Christ has claimed a chosen race For the glory of His grace. Who but He can praises claim? Who boasts such a matchless name? We whose song will never cease.


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