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Why Do the Nations Rage? (Psalm 2) [free song]


Text by Joe Tyrpak; Tune by George J. Elvey

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(Text by Joe Tyrpak; Tune by George J. Elvey)


Psalm 2:1-6
Why do the nations rage?
Why do kings plot in vain
To overthrow Jehovah’s rule
And His Messiah’s reign?
The Lord in fury laughs.
From heaven’s throne He speaks:
“The crown will rest on Zion’s hill
For all eternity.”

Psalm 2:7-9
Hear God’s Anointed say,
“The Lord decreed to Me,
‘You are My Son, Possessor of
Supreme authority.
My will declares You Heir
Of global sovereignty.
With iron scepter You will crush
Your spiteful enemies.’”

Psalm 2:10-12
Kings of the world, be wise;
O rulers, be forewarned!
Your wicked pride now cast aside,
And, trembling, serve the Lord.
Pay homage to the Son;
Fall prostrate on your face.
Before His righteous wrath ignites,
Take refuge in His grace.

Acts 4:24-28
Gentiles allied with Jews;
Herod and Pilate one—
Though split by spite, they unified
Against God’s holy Son.
With godless hands they nailed
Life’s Author to a tree,
Yet in their hatred carried out
What sovereign grace decreed.

Romans 1:1-4; Revelation 19:6-16
God’s One and Only Son,
King of Eternity,
For sinners bled, then conquered death
To prove His deity.
Soon from His Father’s throne,
Crowned brow and flaming eyes,
The Lamb will come to dash His foes
And wed His radiant bride.


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