Here Is God [free song]


Text by Anna Crowley Pruden; Tune by Paul Keew

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(Text by Anna Crowley Pruden; Tune by Paul Keew)


Here is God, at last revealed,
In the person of a Son.
All the words of all the prophets
In one final Word have come.
He is sleeping in a stable,
Living, breathing Son of Man.
God the King has left His heaven
To become a little Lamb.

Here is God, our second Adam,
True fulfiller of the law.
Death till now has reigned unchallenged;
Christ will triumph o’er the fall.
Tried and tempted, but unsinning,
He will take our sinner’s place.
He’s the firstborn out of many,
Founder of the Christian race.

Here is God, the risen Conq’rer;
Sing His praise eternally.
Our hearts’ longing now is granted:
His pure unveiled face we see.
Heaven’s greatest Treasure given,
Unrestricted, unrestrained,
To the Church He died to ransom
For the glory of His Name.


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(by Anna Crowley Pruden)


2 Corinthians 4 speaks of the good news that is Christ, in whose face we see the very glory of God. This passage opened my eyes to the Christian’s greatest treasure, which is Christ, from beginning to end. Meditating on all he did to bring us into face-to-face fellowship with the Triune God started me on a journey of discovery and praise that produced this lyric.