“The Psalms have been precious to God’s people for 3500 years, and they have a vital role to play in churches today. Dr. Michael Barrett refers to the Psalms as both ‘a handbook and a hymnbook’ for the church. As a hymnbook, the Psalms give the church songs to sing and pray; as a handbook, the Psalms teach the church how to think and feel. But I would add one more descriptor, as well. As a sketchbook, the Psalms point the church to Jesus Christ.”

This is an excerpt from Theology That Sticks, an accessible, intentionally positive book by Chris Anderson that considers what Scripture says about the kinds of songs Christians should sing and helps believers choose them intentionally and objectively. Six chapters, in fact, are devoted to the Psalms as a guide or “grid” for Christian hymns.

In addition, Church Works Media has several Psalm settings in our song catalog which are free to download and use with your church.