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I Will Make My Boast in Jesus [Instrumental Duet]


NEW! Here is a joyful, energetic arrangement by Molly Ijames for duet instruments (see available pairings below) and piano, based on our song “I Will Make My Boast in Jesus.” Instrumentalists are sure to enjoy the delightful flowing lines and the back-and-forth volley of the melody. It’s a jubilant setting for an exultant text: “I will boast in Christ, my King!”

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Please note: This is a digital PDF download. Your purchase includes the permission to read from one digital or print copy per instrument.

Included files: score, piano, 1 & 2-page layouts for each instrument




  • Flute/Flute
  • Flute/Clarinet
  • Flute/Violin
  • Violin/Violin
  • Violin/Cello

Please note: Each duet is arranged optimally for its instrument pairing. (For example, there are variations to the Flute 1 part based on the second instrument with which it is paired.)

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Included files

Instrument 1 (1-page & 2-page layouts) – choose pairing from the dropdown above
Instrument 2 (1-page & 2-page layouts) – choose pairing from the dropdown above