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God’s Sufficient Word [free song]


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Now available from our friends at Doxology.app: transposable, customizable hymn sheets, lead sheets, and projection slides for this song (in addition to the free resources below). Click here to take a look!

Words by Chris Anderson; Music by Peter Anglea

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Included files: single page hymn, guitar chord chart, half page spread, Bb instrument transposition, audio demo mp3
Additional resources: transposable hymn/lead sheets and projection slides available from doxology.app
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Words by Chris Anderson; Music by Peter Anglea

Believe in God’s inerrant Word,
Inspired and therefore pure.
Continue in the things you’ve learned,
For sacred Truth is sure.

Rejoice in God’s delightful Word
That satisfies the soul—
Far sweeter than the honeycomb
And more desired than gold!

Submit to God’s transforming Word
Which makes the foolish wise.
The living, piercing, healing Sword
Yields righteousness through Christ.

Mature through God’s equipping Word
Until you’re fully grown.
Prepared to serve your gracious Lord,
Now work to make Him known.

Depend on God’s sufficient Word
Which cannot be improved.
In light of judgment and reward,
Proclaim his changeless Truth.

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Included files:

Single page hymn lead (print as full page)
Half page print spread (for bulletin insert/handout)
Guitar chord chart
Bb Instrument transposition
Audio demo mp3 (piano)

Additional resources:

In addition to the free resources available above, transposable, customizable hymn sheets, lead sheets, and projection slides are available here: https://doxology.app/song/gods-sufficient-word-61q08pnl/