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Gloria Deo! [free song]


Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by Joey Hoelscher

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(Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by Joey Hoelscher)


Gloria Deo! The Savior is come;
Born to a virgin is God’s holy Son.
David’s Awaited will sit on his throne,
Ruling the nations; His praises make known.

“Gloria! Gloria!” Shout of His birth!
God the Creator descends to the earth!
Born in the squalor to cleanse us from sin;
Glory to God for the Savior of men!
Glory to God for the Savior of men!

Gloria Deo! The shepherds behold
Angels announce what the prophets foretold:
“Born is the Savior, the Master of all!
Swaddled Messiah lies hushed in a stall.”

Gloria Deo! Sin’s power is dead.
Jesus, though bruised, crushed the serpent’s foul head!
Seed of the woman, Redeemer of men,
Vanquishes Satan! We sing out again—

Gloria Deo! The sinner may live!
Joyous the news heaven’s messengers give.
Peace to the fallen but favored Christ brings.
“Glory to God!” let the church loudly sing!


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