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Give Him Glory! [free song]


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Words by Chris Anderson; Music by Richard A. Nichols

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Included files (UPDATED): single page hymn, guitar chord chart, half page spread, Bb instrument transposition, audio demo mp3
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Words by Chris Anderson; Music by Richard A. Nichols

Give glory to Creation’s God, the Source of all that is;
With but a word He made the world, and thus the world is His.
His greatness shouts from distant stars, His goodness shines as light;
He made all things to bring Him joy, and in Him we delight!

We cry “Glory! Honor! Blessing to the King!”
“Power! Splendor!” all creation sings;
We cry “Wisdom! Riches! Thanks unto the Lamb!”
Endless praises to the great “I AM!”

Give glory to Redemption’s Lamb, The Savior of the Lost,
Who wore our flesh, then bore our curse upon a cruel cross.
He took the filth and guilt of sin; He took the wrath it earned;
He reconciled our souls to God—the wayward have returned!

Give glory to the Coming King, The Lord of Heav’n and Earth!
The fallen world, like fallen men, awaits its second birth.
“Behold, I shall make all things new,” He promised groaning men.
Dominion shall belong to Christ, and all be right again!

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by Chris Anderson

Because God delights in worship that is biblical, thoughtful and fervent—what we often call intentional—please consider the following overview of the biblical texts and theological themes behind the hymn “Give Him Glory!”:

My friend Rick Nichols and I were recently commissioned to write a new hymn for the Kern County Chapter of the American Guild of Organists for the Region IX Convention in Bakersfield, California. The result of our collaboration is a new doxology entitled “Give Him Glory!” It rejoices in God as Creator in stanza 1, Redeemer in stanza 2, and Re-Creator in stanza 3, anticipating His ultimate dominion. The refrain reflects the worship of countless creatures in Revelation 5:11-14, ascribing endless praises to our great God. Rick’s music captures the jubilation of the text so very well, and it is flexible enough to fit a variety of musical styles. I’m confident his efforts will point many to Christ.

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Included files:

Single page hymn lead (print as full page)
Half page print spread (for bulletin insert/handout)
Guitar chord chart
Bb instrument transposition
Audio demo mp3 (piano)