Church Works Media Merger

Church Works Media is thrilled to announce that we have added Paul Keew to our ministry team as our first full-time employee and merged with his music publishing company “O God, My Joy” and “Chosen as His Children”) to the CWM catalogue as well as contributing to future projects. This is a huge move forward, preparing us to provide more gospel-centered resources for the church.

For the last decade, the ministry of Church Works Media has been a hobby for the three regular contributors—me, Greg Habegger, and Joe Tyrpak. When we began writing hymns and devotionals we had no idea that the Lord would allow them to spread around the world. Over 130,000 of the Gospel Meditations books have been sold, and our hymns have been sung by millions. We rejoice in the opportunity God has given us to serve the church and exalt the Savior in this unique way.

We had no idea how much the Lord would grow this ministry

In the last few years, it has become clear that CWM has “outgrown” us. It needs more attention than we’re able to give it since all three of us have pastoral responsibilities. We need help! By joining the team, Paul is now able to give this ministry his primary vocational attention as he serves as our Director of Operations. He brings to CWM his considerable talents as a musician and his insistence upon excellence. Paul is a great fit for our current needs!

Paul has stepped out in faith, moving to Atlanta to run our day-to-day operations. We are committed to continuing our policy of making our hymns available free of charge. For that to happen, we need financial support.

We need your help

If you value the ministry Church Works Media provides, please consider supporting Paul and this ministry, either through a one-time gift or through regular monthly support. This can be done very simply by following this link or using the Donate button on the menu above. You can also email me at for more information regarding ongoing support. All gifts are tax-deductible.

We rejoice in God’s goodness and provision. And we are eager to expand our reach, by God’s grace and for God’s glory!

For the sake of His name,

Chris Anderson for the Church Works Media Board*

* The Board of Church Works Media includes Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger, Peter Hansen, Jim Newcomer, and Joe Tyrpak.

(Photo credit: Morgan Leatherwood)

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