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Heavens Shout God’s Matchless Glory (Psalm 19) [free song]


Text by Joe Tyrpak; Tune by James Mountain

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(Text by Joe Tyrpak; Tune by James Mountain)


Psalm 19:1-4
Heavens shout God’s matchless glory;
Skies tell what His hands can do.
Day to day is sounding clearly;
Night to night speaks, too.
Ev’ry person hears the message;
Ev’ry language understands,
For the sound of nature’s voice has
Reached the farthest lands.

Psalm 19:4-6
Ev’ry dawn the sun emerges
From his tent within the skies,
Like a joyful bridegroom leaving
Home to wed his bride—
Like an athlete fit and ready,
Fresh with strength his course to run,
From horizon to horizon,
Hiding heat from none.

Psalm 19:7-8
O, Jehovah’s law is perfect—
Turns the heart, the soul revives.
And how sure His testimony—
Makes the simple wise.
Right and just are all His precepts;
They rejoice and satisfy.
And how pure are His commandments;
They enlighten eyes.

Psalm 19:9-11
O, how clean the fear of God is;
It endures forever, strong!
And, how true are all His judgments—
Righteous ev’ry one!
Sweeter to my taste than honey,
Far more precious than pure gold:
When I read, they always warn me;
When I heed, reward.

Psalm 19:12-14
Who can understand his errors?
Lord, forgive my hidden sins!
Please restrain me from transgression;
Conquer sin within!
May my words and thoughts be ever
Pure and pleasing in Your sight.
O, my Rock and my Redeemer,
Help me win this fight.

Hebrews 1:1-3; John 1:1-18
God revealed Himself in nature
Then within His breathed-out Word,
But in recent times has spoken
Through His Son, our Lord.
Radiance of Your Father’s glory,
You reveal His unseen face—
Christ, the Word of God Incarnate,
Full of truth and grace.


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