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Church Works Media is thrilled to announce the publishing of our latest devotional, Gospel Meditations on Creation. Series authors Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak are joined this time by co-author Jeff Williams, a devout Christian who also happens to be a NASA astronaut. He has spent 534 days aboard the International Space Station—an American record when he accomplished it. Jeff lives at the edge of discovery. And yet, to the surprise of many, Jeff believes that the Bible is inerrant, and he takes the creation record literally. His contribution to this project makes it a must-read.

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Introducing Gospel Meditations on Creation. Why are we writing on this topic at this time? There are many reasons, and we enumerate several of them in this blog post.

First and foremost, however, creation should move us to worship—especially when we consider that the mighty Creator stooped to become our merciful Savior. The topic of creation is a call to worship, not a call to arms. Our goal is that this devotional will move Christians to adoration, not debate. We write, then, from a posture of wonder, not a desire for controversy. 

May the Lord use this book to exalt our Creator, encourage Christians, and perhaps even nudge atheists to reconsider their conclusions. Soli Deo Gloria! Grace!



“Full of biblical wisdom, these short meditations offer both challenge and comfort. More, they lift your daily perspective by putting all things in the light of the gospel. They will help you enjoy creation and our glorious Creator in a richly Christian way.”

Michael Reeves, president and professor of theology at Union School of Theology in Oxford, England, and author of several books, including Delighting in the Trinity

“I am grateful for Chris Anderson and his skilled writing team who have given us this wonderful devotional containing meditations upon God’s awe-inspiring work in creation. Grounded in the truth of Scripture, aimed at the heart, and applied to life, these thirty-one reflections will be sure to strengthen your faith in our sovereign God. Pithy, yet profound; brief, yet biblical; these daily insights will draw you closer to Him who created all things for His own glory.”

Steve Lawson, president and founder of OnePassion Ministries, professor of preaching at The Master’s Seminary, and author of twenty-nine books

“Jeff Williams is a uniquely gifted human being whom God has put in extraordinary places. What is equally remarkable is how the wonder he finds in our Creator spills into all the ordinariness of the common day. I’d like to be more like that. In this devotional he and his fellow writers encourage us to just be amazed at the beauty and greatness of our Maker and Savior.”

Keith Getty, musician and co-author of dozens of modern hymns, including “In Christ Alone,” as well as the book Sing!—written with his wife Kristyn

“Chris and his team have done it again. These substantive devotional reflections are marked by careful exposition, robust theological reflection, genuine gospel passion, and heartfelt worship. If considering the doctrine of creation does not typically drive you to your knees in worship, pick up this little book—your life will not be the same.”

Sam Horn, president of The Master’s University and Seminary

“Creation is not just an important doctrine. It is an inspiring and uplifting truth that should be part of our daily spiritual life. The authors of this little book explain the Bible’s teaching on creation with clarity, appeal, and relevance.”

Alexey Kolomiytsev, pastor of Word of Grace Bible Church, Battle Ground, Washington, president of Word of Grace International Ministries, and author of several Russian books on discipleship

“Thinking about a single theme of Scripture is fruitful, for it immerses us in the whole of God’s Word. The theme of creation is particularly profitable, for it spans the entire Bible from beginning to end. This work not only helps us meditate on so many passages that tell us what God has uniquely done, but it also suggests how we should respond to it. Rich indeed!”

Abner Chou, John F. MacArthur Endowed Fellow at The Master’s University and Seminary, and author of several books, including The Hermeneutic of the Biblical Writers


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