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Gospel Meditations for Young Adults is aimed at Christians in their teens and twenties and strives to tether them to Christ in this uniquely dark, modern age (read more in the description below). May the Lord use it for His glory!

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The twenty-first century is a uniquely challenging time for the church of Jesus Christ. Immorality has never been so easily accessible. Materialism is rampant, as even those deemed “poor” have wealth and ease unknown to most who lived before us. The world—from professors to politicians to entertainers—has never been so antagonistic to Christianity, at least in the West.

And yet there is hope. There is always hope with the gospel. The church has thrived amidst opposition. Light shines brightest when surrounded by darkness. God is raising up another generation of believers who are devoted to God and His Word, who are eager to be discipled in the Christian faith, and who are ready to be deployed by Christ all over this needy world.

Gospel Meditations for Young Adults is aimed at Christians in their teens and twenties. It is our prayer that it will tether them to Christ, instill in them greater perseverance in the face of opposition, and inspire them with a vision of the deeply satisfying life that will be theirs when they resolve to know, love, and serve Jesus. May the Lord use it for His glory! (Read more in this blog post.)



Gospel Meditations for Young Adults is a breath of fresh air for young Christians and for all of us who are raising, discipling, mentoring, or just concerned about them and their spiritual growth and wellbeing. The devotionals are biblical, pastoral, succinct, readable, relevant, and relatable. More importantly, the focus is cross-centered and theological without being forced or trite. This would be a great tool to use in parenting, personal discipleship, group study, or even pastoral counseling.”

Voddie Baucham, former pastor, author, professor, conference speaker, and church planter; currently serves as Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia

“This is what I want for my family and all others I have opportunity to shepherd: Christ-centered resources which are jam-packed with gospel goodness and overflowing with practical applications for God-honoring living. With rich imagery, brief stories, and expository faithfulness, the authors offer a valuable treasure to the church.”

Mike Sciarra, Senior Pastor, Grace Church, Orange, California

“We young adults (of all ages) are to ‘remember our Creator in the days of our youth’ (Ecclesiastes 12:1) so we don’t squander our calling to live out the gospel in active stewardship. These daily devotionals, grounded in the Scriptures, will help stimulate that remembrance in a way that gains traction in real-life circumstances, so that the gospel governs how we live in a confused and hostile world.”

Jeff Williams, Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired, author of The Work of His Hands: A View of God’s Creation from Space

“I enthusiastically recommend this book intended to help young adults think biblically. The authors have done good work in directing a generation toward the Scriptures. Biblical truths should always be presented with relevance, and this little devotional does that very well.”

Austin T. Duncan, College and Career Pastor at Grace Community Church, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry at The Master’s Seminary

“The gospel message is the most comforting friend anyone could ever have. I think of Jesus, thirty years of age, befriending some inquisitive, questioning, listening, young adults like John, Thomas, Peter, and Nathanael. The writers of Gospel Meditations for Young Adults have offered an encouraging friendship, answering questions, sharing truth, and encouraging godly living worthy of the gospel message.”

Rand Hummel, Director of The Wilds of New England

“When Paul tells Timothy to ‘flee youthful passions’ (2 Timothy 2:22), he’s saying in essence, ‘Leave your adolescent ways, and chase instead after righteousness.’ Gospel Meditations for Young Adults comes alongside the apostle to urge the same life of character. In a society awash with juvenile immaturity, this book stands out as a clarion call to gospel focus and godly living.”

Paul Schlehlein, Missionary to the Tsonga-speakers in Limpopo, South Africa, blogger at Between Two Worlds, author of John G. Paton: Missionary to the Cannibals of the South Seas


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