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Gospel Meditations for the Hurting [Discounted]

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The Bible is a book about suffering, written by sufferers, for sufferers. It is a gritty book. And that’s good, because life is gritty. Pastors Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak ministered side-by-side for seven years helping the hurting in person; now they’re glad to help the hurting through the pages of this devotional. Gospel Meditations for the Hurting is a collection of 31 devotionals written to encourage believers, whether they’re struggling with discouragement themselves or wanting to help to those who are.

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“When Christians suffer (and we all do) we need comfort that is grounded in truth. We need to remember God and His ways, Christ and His work, eternity and its glories. Genuine consolation must be grounded in the teachings of Holy Scripture. Chris and Joe have given us a book of meditations that turn our hearts in the right direction. There are no false promises here, no empty platitudes—only a focus upon the genuine work that God is doing in His children. What comfort!”

Kevin Bauder, Research Professor of Systematic Theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Minneapolis, and contributor to The Spectrum of Evangelicalism

“These meditations are Word-centered prescriptions that blow away the meaningless Christian platitudes often used to mask unanswerable pain. Until that day when Christ Himself wipes away all tears from our eyes, the Scriptures provide strength, help, and hope in this broken world. Let this book guide you to Christ, the only sure and lasting refuge.”

Tim Keesee, executive director of Frontline Missions International, producer of the Dispatches from the Front DVD series, and author of the book Dispatches from the Front

“I’m so thankful that a friend presented us with a copy of Gospel Meditations for the Hurting during the week that my husband began chemotherapy. The thirty-one devotionals encouraged our hearts as my husband lived out his cancer assignment. At his funeral and dozens of times since then, I’ve passed this booklet on to people that God has put in my path. Everyone is hurting from something, why not give them the truth?”

Tracee Veenstra, proud mother, joyful widow, faithful member of Inter-City Baptist Church, Allen Park, Michigan, and Christ-exalting women’s and children’s speaker


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