Gospel Meditations for Women

Gospel Meditations for Women is a month-long devotional that Joe Tyrpak and Chris Anderson wrote for the ladies of Tri-County Bible Church and presented to them on Mother’s Day 2009. Each day’s article suggests a Scripture reading, unpacks a portion of the passage, then concludes with an application to everyday life: “Let the Gospel affect your ____.” You can get view a sample PDF here.

The booklet includes articles that are evangelistic, that focus on general Christian living, and that address singleness, marriage, and motherhood. Among other things, we suggest using it as a faith-building alternative to the dying flowers, cheap pins, and fraying bookmarks which many churches and individuals give as gifts to their ladies for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. (Yes, we’ve done it, too.) Instead, feed them!

The booklets are professionally printed and can be ordered in our store.

Several friends have provided helpful critiques for us, and three have offered the following endorsements:

Holly Stratton (who is a frequent speaker at ladies’ conferences throughout the United States):
“Wrestling with guilt and frustration, far too many Christian women are living below the privileges of their spiritual inheritance. The solution is not found in any strengthened resolve of duty, but rather in having souls settled in the blessed liberty of Christ through the sweet enjoyment of the Gospel. A union of sound doctrine and practical teaching, Gospel Meditations for Women beautifully highlights those unbinding messages of grace that so powerfully ignite joyful passion for Christ and holy living. What an invaluable resource for the Church!”

Wendy Alsup (who has written Practical Theology for Women and By His Wounds You are Healed and who blogs at Practical Theology for Women):
“Apart from gospel grace, God’s instructions to His children are weights that drown us. But in Christ, we experience something uniquely different. The yoke that should weigh us down instead is light and easy.  But that is only possible through constant meditation on all Christ has accomplished for us on the cross and how that empowers us to be like Him. I love the daily lessons in Gospel Meditations for Women on what Gospel grace looks like in our churches, our homes, our relationships, and most importantly within ourselves. We can never meditate on the Gospel too much or over apply it in our own lives.”

Dan Phillips (who blogs at Pyromaniacs and Biblical Christianity):
“Gospel Meditations for Women is richly Biblical, richly Christ-entranced, and richly Gospel-centered. The manner in which Pastors Anderson and Tyrpak condense so much thought-provoking and worship-inducing content, into such a readable form, is truly a marvel. This slim book provides fertile matter for thought, reflection, prayer and action. I’m glad to commend it, without reservation, to sisters in Christ—and I’d suggest their husbands sneak a peek whenever they can, too!”