Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak (who pastored together for 7 years at Tri-County Bible Church in Madison, Ohio) are joined for this project by David Doran, Pastor of Inter-City Baptist Church and President of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. Gospel Meditations for the Church focuses on the nature, mission, and corporate life of the local church. It’s target audience isn’t leaders, but entire congregations. We’re praying that the Lord will use these 31 daily devotional to increase the love of Christians for both our Savior and His church.



“We have come to expect meaty, edifying, superbly written devotional entries from Chris Anderson and his team. Here are thirty-one more, and they don’t disappoint.”

(Phil Johnson, Executive Director of Grace to You)


“Deeply rooted in Scripture, compelling, insightful and motivating. These inspiring and carefully crafted meditations reflect a profound love for the local church, an institution that is all too often under-appreciated by many Christians today.”

(Les Lofquist, IFCA International Executive Director)


“I found these “gospel” devotionals doctrinally substantive, local church centered, balanced and stimulating. My heart was lifted in praise to God and challenged to faithfulness.”

(John Greening, GARBC National Representative)


“A most welcome book on a most vital topic, Gospel Meditations for the Church should nurture within every gospel-loving soul a deeper understanding of the church, its part in God’s cosmic plan, and how one can experience the fullness of the heart of Christ in community with the saints.”

(Milton Vincent, Pastor of Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church in Riverside, CA; Author of A Gospel Primer for Christians)


“Since I believe that solid biblically based devotions is one of the main components for promoting spiritual growth I am aways glad to review and recommend devotional writings that are biblically sound, theologically accurate and practical in their application. Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening devotional is a classic example that has been used of the Lord in this regard. And, over the years I have recommended Spurgeon’s book to many Christians because of its biblical, theological and practical accuracy. Well, I recommend this book by Pastors Trypak, Anderson and Doran for the same reasons. I encourage Christians to read and apply the solid biblical counsel that is found in this devotional. If you use it faithfully and with a submissive heart I think you will be greatly strengthened and enriched by your reading and mediation on the truths found in the book.”

(Wayne Mack, noted Christian counselor and author)