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  • Parenting with Authority, Affection, and Affirmation

    God has given my wife Lori and me four amazing daughters. Raising them has been the most important thing I’ve done or will do. I love being a pastor. I look back fondly on my years as a church planter. And I’ll always be an aspiring writer. But there’s nothing like being a father—except, of […]

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  • For the Sake of His Name

    This week, Chris Anderson is traveling in Indonesia with two young families from the church he pastors who are praying, strategizing, and planning to move there. This excerpt from Gospel Mediations for Missions is a fitting thought for the occasion! “Why in the world do they do it?” I’ve often wondered what would motivate missionaries […]

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  • Grow to Shrink

    It’s natural for pastors to equate increasing numbers with ministry success. I’d like to challenge that idea a bit, beginning with an illustration from my own family. This summer I “married off” the oldest of my four daughters. When I finished walking my wife down the aisle, I whispered to her, “We did it.” I […]

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  • Sing a New Song. But Only One.

    The psalmist commands us, “Sing to the Lord a new song. Then sing several familiar songs.” Okay, I made that last part up. Lest I be cursed for adding to Scripture, I’ll go ahead and recant. But I do think it’s good (albeit uninspired) advice. Let me explain. Several months ago a pastor friend asked […]

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