Authors & Composers

Chris Anderson

Founder, President, Author, Editor, Lyricist

Chris has pastored since 1997. He’s the senior pastor of Killian Hill Baptist Church in Lilburn, Georgia. He has written dozens of modern hymns for the church published by Church Works Media, is the editor of the Gospel Meditations devotional series, and has recently published his first full-length book, The God Who Satisfies. He and his wife Lori have four daughters.

Greg Habegger

Co-Founder, Composer

Greg is the Minister of Music at Killian Hill Baptist Church in Lilburn, Georgia. He has been in pastoral and music ministry since 1997. He especially enjoys congregational singing. He is a talented musician and a renowned composer of hymn tunes. Greg and his wife Katie have one daughter.

Joe Tyrpak

Co-Founder, Author, Designer, Editor, Lyricist

Joe has served as a pastor of Tri-County Bible Church in Madison, Ohio, since 2005. He recently produced a DVD, The Life of David Brainerd: A Documentary, and a companion devotional. He is a contributing author and the layout editor of the Gospel Meditations devotional series. He and his wife Hannah have four children.

Paul Keew

Director of Operations, Composer, Lyricist

Paul has worked for many years as a music teacher and a church music director. He has written a number of hymns and sacred songs which he published with his company Watchsong (now merged with CWM). He has also written music for Christian film and stage productions. He and his wife Heather live in Loganville, Georgia with their two children.

Other Contributors

CWM has partnered with many other respected authors and musicians, including: